Are you searching?

Are you looking for a place to belong?  A place where you will be accepted just as you are?  Are you searching for a relationship with God, but you are just not into “church”? 

Welcome to Real Life – a community of believers seeking to know and follow Jesus Christ through teaching, prayer, friendship and service to others.

We believe Jesus’ words: “I came that you might have a real life…
more and better than you ever imagined” 

December 2, 2012 service was our first service at the Bethesda Epworth Center in Bethesda, OH.  It was spirit-filled and motivating.  Come experience God and an outpost community that expresses the Lord’s love to all people (as they are).  Please check us out and join us at Real Life Community of Faith each Sunday after that at the Epworth Center in Bethedsa, OH.  


***If you didn’t find what you’re looking for, check back soon our website changes on a monthly basis.